There has been the rise of the construction of the nuclear power plants around the world as it has been found that it could produce the needed energy of the people and also the household. Since it was found to be a good source of energy, many countries have invested into it as they can foresee a good future because energy is needed and the nuclear power plant is a good one. But as time passed by, there are the problems that have occurred.

That is why some nations did not continue even if they already started the project. Even if it is also a good alternative, many choose not to go with it because of some challenges. Some of this is the land and the location of the power plant. A space that is enough to accommodate all the plant and the exclusion site and others. It should also be near to a body of water for coolant need. The year of decommissioning can take up to twenty years and it is built within 6-12 years.

The plant also is not for a lifetime as it has its own limit to be operational then it has to be decommissioned as radiation would cause damage already to the plant. Another major issue on the nuclear power plant is the nuclear waste that is still being studied what is the best way to dispose of them. There is also the chance of an accident that could happen. Even if it does not happen more times but because the effect is great.