The place of Chernobyl is widely known because of one thing that happened there. It was the accident that happened in the nuclear power plant that is located in the place. Instantly the world has focused on the place when the accident happened. There is the first incident that happened but it did not cause any damage. It was repaired and back to normal again and so it was not publicised immediately. It was known after it had happened. But the second one that had to cause the reactor to be on fire is the one that had led to the decommissioning of the plant.

It was on the hold if the operation would be stopped or to be continued. Even if the fourth reactor had been destroyed, the other reactor had been used to produced electricity as there is a shortage of it in the country. A temporary shield was made so that the radiation that would come out from the damaged reactor would be contained and it will not affect the others. But there was a mass evacuation that was carried out due to the effect of the explosion as radiation cannot just go away.

Now the efforts that were left was to make it safer. It has been closed and it has been a subject of travel for many who wants to take a glimpse of it. There is the part where they could go but there are still many parts that are deadly. Many go into the place to make a report on what it is like today. In the present as an update to this article, it has been opened to the public on April of 2018.