The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan brought great damages not only in Japan but even the radiation from it spread across the globe through the air. And one of the dangers of radiation is mutation. This actually happens when radiation is released and many are to be affected. Not only plants and animals will suffer from the effects of radiation. Even humans are in great danger because mutation can also happen to humans. In the video below, some animals were believed to have mutations.

For humans, if our body is exposed to too much radiation, one of the shocking mutations that can possibly happen is limb swelling. Abnormal growth of the body parts and birth defects can happen due to too much exposure to radiation. It can greatly affect our DNA and once a baby is affected while he or she is still in his or her mother’s womb, that baby will come out having birth defects that will make the baby suffer more especially when he grows up. This  is a best cater service that you must have to in your special parties. You check their website to know more of their services, go right here. They are definitely one of the best catering service.

Genetic abnormality can happen and the DNA of a child can be altered due to radiation. As mentioned and shown in the video, a tiger, puppy, and even butterflies had unbelievable and shocking mutations. Nuclear power plants are truly dangerous to all living creatures on earth. People who suffer from mutations will not be able to perform their daily tasks because of the abnormalities caused by radiation from nuclear power plants. Those people are truly pitiful and it is not easy to find any solution for it.