There are many people who are afraid to die and so they make effort to be healthy. When they will listen to the radiation presence then they would surely flee as they already know that radiation is deadly. But now there is a new story wherein the exclusion site of the nuclear power plant is opened to the public so they could also take a tour in the area. They could see what is the present situation of the place where it is once being occupied by thousands of people.

It is very interesting to see places before and after. There is the time that it is beaming with busy people all doing what they have to do. Working in different places and eating, drinking, and playing games. Now the place that once occupied is just a space now of abandonment. In the case of the nuclear power plant, there exist now animals that have not been there before because the place was inhabited. But as humans now are not much so they could freely live there.

There have been studies being done in the place to monitor the effect of the radiation. Now there is also part of the place that is now forested when before only little part has trees in it. Now as people do not live their anymore, they had grown. But now the place is not deserted as there are people who come and go in the place. The people who have business their and people who are curious.