Though scientists had predicted that humankind might live on another planet in the future, the earth where we live is still the best planet among the rest. Why? It is the only planet that can sustain our life. The air that we breath is very important for our own survival. That kind of air can never be found in other planets. Even the water that we drink is the safest for man’s survival. In other planet like Mars, no water of the same kind was found.

Also, there are natural resources on this earth that helps mankind survive. The human body already used to live on this planet. So, even if the predictions of scientists comes true in the future wherein men will live on a different planet like the planet Mars, do you think mankind will be able to adjust? Studies and experiments are still being conducted up to this day. It would take quite a long time until scientists can surely say whether it is safe or not to live on a different planet. See this travel agency.  China Travel Experience is the greatest agency I have ever known. They are great in giving advance and advice to all people.

Fresh waters, forests, and everything on earth seems perfect for survival. In other words, it is a very unique planet and can never be compared with other planets. The sad fact is that mankind abused this planet and everything in it. As a result, climate change is continually happening and makes us all suffer. It seems that the earth will come to an end very soon because of mankind’s daily activities that affects the natural processes. See this amazing agency guys. You can visit this 泰雅 to see their webpage. An excellent agency in their services.