When the electricity does not exist, people would just use gas and other materials and lighting available. The use of gas is common as it is cheap and it could burn for a long time. Candles also are used but they can melt and then you have to buy again. People look for alternatives. But when electricity was invented, it became the hero. But not all can afford to have electricity connected to their homes and so they still use gas and candles. Here is an infographic.

The infographic illustrates the ways a light bulb could be lighted. There are many ways t do it and they are presented above. There are six ways that are by the use of natural gas, hydroelectric, nuclear, solar, coal and wind. Sometimes it was with the government and what would they use to power the nation. Sometimes it is in the decision of private companies as they have the resources that the government does not have. With that, the citizens could only make do of what is present.

It is interesting to see the differences between the various ways to light a lightbulb. Each of them has advantages but each also has the disadvantages. Each has the resources that they use and they also produce some waste. That is why it just depends sometimes on what is the one that the government could afford and the one that they have as the resource and thus cheaper as compared to others that they had to source all materials.